Following Arrest

The Process That Follows An Arrest

Any individual who has been arrested in California, will be transported to a nearby law enforcement station for processing, and booking.  The entire process time will depend very much on the size of the station, as well as how busy they happen to be at the time.  It is realistic to expect the time to be anywhere from 1 hour, up to and even longer than 12 hours.

Upon arriving at the law enforcement station, the arrested person will be searched for weapons, and drugs.  All their personal property will be confiscated, documented, and stored by an officer, or jailer.  No defendant will have access to any of their personal property while they remain in custody.

Fingerprinting, background check, warrant check, as well as being processed into the local computer system, is all part of this process.  The defendant will also be cross referenced in the national criminal system, and updated.

On completion of the booking process, the defendant will then be escorted to a jail cell.  Some jails will have a payphone for detainees to use for their phone call, however, should this not be the case, they will be granted access to another phone at the jailer’s convenience.  Inmates are never permitted to receive phone calls, or messages, so when you do receive a call from someone in custody, it is very important that you obtain as much information as possible.  If you are going to use a bail bond agent, or agency to assist with the release of the defendant, they will require certain information.   Where the defendant is being held, what they have been charged with, as well as their full legal name, is information that will be required.  This will enable the bail bond agent, or agency, to ascertain how much the bail will be.  It may also be a good idea to inquire from the defendant if there is anyone else that needs to be contacted in relation to the situation.

There is a small window of time in which a defendant can organize a bail bond during the booking process.  This of course will be at the completion of the actual booking process.  If the defendant decides they want the assistance of a bail bond agent, or agency, this is the time you will need the above information to pass on to the bail bond agent, or agency.