Avoiding Bail Bond Scams In Altadena

Just when you think people couldn’t possibly think up anymore scams, they have. One phone call most people would dread of course is the one from a family member stating they have been arrested and need help. Naturally, you will want to do anything, and everything in your power to help and may even consider a professional bail bonds company such as Altadena Bail Bonds to help.

Altadena Bail Bonds is a professional and very experienced bail bonds company, dedicated to assisting our clients with securing their release from custody. Being rated as the top bail bonds company in Southern California, gives clients complete assurance that they are dealing with the very best in the industry. In continuing with their amazing reputation, and dedication to the community,Altadena Bail Bonds wants to warn the community about some scams that many people are falling victim to.

One of these scams is when someone will call your phone number claiming to be in custody but have called the wrong number by mistake. They will tell you that as they only get one phone call, you need to help them get through to the number they need. They will give you another phone number, usually with a prefix. The prefix will be a call forwarding code that most people aren’t aware of. This person now has free access to telephone calls at your expense. They will call your number collect, which will automatically call forward to the number they want to reach. Most people do not become aware of the scam until they receive their telephone bill, or until someone approaches them stating that they can never get hold of them, but rather get someone else whenever they dial the number.

Another current scam is aimed at the unsuspecting elderly. Someone will call an elderly person in the middle of the night, and claim to be their grandchild. Usually the scam artist is aware of whether the person they are contacting has grandchildren by doing some homework first. They will call the unsuspecting grandparent begging for help to get out of custody. They will usually ask for an amount to be sent via Western Union and beg the grandparent not to tell the parents, due to being embarrassed. They may even put on another person who claims to be a bail bond agent to confirm the amount needed. Of course, wanting to assist their grandchild, a lot of grandparents will do as asked, then realize at a later stage that they’ve been the victim of a scam.

The following are some tips to follow to ensure you do not get scammed:

  • Rarely will any bail bond agent call you directly. Normally you will receive a call from the defendant while in custody. Always verify who you are talking to by asking questions only that person would have the answer to, such as, what their mother’s maiden name is, or other family questions.

  • If you do happen to receive a call from a bail bonds agency, always check that the business is legitimate, and who they are representing. They should have all the necessary information available.

  • When dealing with a professional, and legitimate bail bonds firm, you will never be asked to send money via western union without at least meeting with the bail bond agent in person, and filling out any necessary paperwork. Money is never asked for before the paperwork is filled out.

  • Never agree to forward telephone numbers from someone you do not know.

  • If you do receive a call from someone claiming to be a family member, you can always gather the information, then try to call, or text them back either during, or after the call. You could also call the law enforcement station where they claim to be being held to inquire as to whether they are indeed being held there.

These tips should help avoid you becoming the victim of any bail bond related scams.

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